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One Symptom-Clearing Session

Includes 1 x 90 minute session

1 payment of CAD $297.00

In each symptom-clearing session, we work on one symptom at a time using the MindTree Integration Process™.

Our goals are to:

discover why you're creating your symptom - resolve the trauma experience that the symptom is a response to - give you a rapid alleviation of the mental-emotional aspects of your symptom - minimize any healing symptoms of the physical aspects of your symptom - turn your “problem” into a “project.” -

We continuously work on whatever is your top problem at the moment. This changes throughout the session as we make progress.

Many health problems are a result of a collection of biological conflicts that play off one another. It is unlikely that we will resolve all of these biological conflicts in a single session; however, we will establish some sense of what the different conflicts are and how they connect with one another.

After your session, I’ll send you a report that summarizes what occurred during the session, and suggestions for keeping your momentum going afterward.

This booking system will set up our agreement for service, help you to book the session at a time that works for you, process your payment, and send you a reminder of your session.

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